Friday, September 2, 2011

Practice with Discussion Etiquette ... And Best Wishes for a Long Weekend :-)

English 10 students got the chance to practice our class discussion protocol both before and after reading an op-ed article on whether or not chocolate milk is too unhealthy to serve at schools.  Students had lots to say!

This is an interesting approach to discussing an informational piece, so I'm sharing it with you.
1.  Topic-based Quickwrite
2.  Short formal whole-class discussion
3.  Read the text
4.  Text-related writing assignment
5.  Follow-up discussion
6.  Written reflection of the topic and the protocol.

Students are off to a good start in terms of sharing their ideas both verbally and on paper as well as the more challenging aspects of class discussions (I sometimes refer to listening as "the lost art" ...).

They have definitely earned their four-day weekend :-)

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